Cash back.

It's time for a well-rounded rewards program.
Get cash for your purchases while donating to your favorite cause.


Dig In Rewards gives you cash back for your purchases and then automatically donates to a cause of your choice. From your account dashboard, you upload your receipt and watch your balance grow.


Our rewards program encourages new and repeat business. We give cash back for purchases and automatically donate to causes. We reach out to our members regularly – sending them to our partners.


There is no risk to any of our partners. No up-front fees. No-hidden costs. We partner with members, retailers, and causes then we retain a percentage of the transaction from the business to cover our costs.


Profits for businesses comes from repeat business and new customers. We utilize video, social media and web advertising to share information about our partners and send our members to the business.

Always FREE. No hidden fees. No up-front costs.

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