Cash Back on Any Item

We all know about rebates.  Send your receipt in the mail and hopefully eventually you get a check back.  That’s IF you know a product manufacturer is offering the rebate.  Dig In Rewards is a program offering 3% cash back on every day purchases through our partnering retailers.  There is no limit, no strings.  We fund your PayPal account with rewards as you shop at our retailers.  It’s our way (and theirs) for saying thank you for being a customer.

To throw “Icing on the Cake,” we’ll even donate 3% of your purchase to your favorite cause.  If your cause isn’t a member, share our information with them – ask them to sign up.  It’s easy.  Example causes might be PTA’s, Troops, Community Gardens, VFW Posts – any non-profit or cause qualifies for our program.

And, encourage the staff at the places you shop to join this program.  The more retailers we get into the program, the more rewards we can send to our members.  All you need to do is share the information.  Sign up is free and all-online.

Share our information and sign up!  This is going to be BIG!

Join NOW.


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