Rewards. Refined.

We have all carried around “punch cards” and loyalty cards.  Sometimes we even go to the trouble of clipping coupons and sending in rebates to manufacturers.  All for a free coffee (after purchasing something like 10), or maybe a 2-for-1 coupon.

Dig In Rewards takes the hassle out of claiming cash back on your purchases.  And we make our members, retailers, and causes feel good about doing it.  Our program makes the process easy and automatic.  Set it and forget it.

To claim cash rewards, our rewards members simply send us a copy of their receipt (through our easy-to-use cloud based app).  We verify the transaction.  Then, we send cash to our user’s and cause’s paypal accounts.  At the same time, we send an automatic donation to your favorite cause.  All with no cost and no cards to carry.

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