Now Donating to The Mile High Red Cross

The DigIn Rewards network is now offering automatic donations to the American Red Cross.
The first Colorado-based chapter of the American Red Cross was chartered on Nov. 11, 1914. Today, there are four chapters in Colorado, which is part of the Colorado & Wyoming Region:
  • American Red Cross Mile High Area
  • American Red Cross of Northern Colorado
  • American Red Cross of Western Colorado
  • American Red Cross of Southeastern Colorado
Red Cross Services are provided throughout Colorado thanks to the generous commitment of thousands of local volunteers who:
  • Help individuals and communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters;
  • Teach lifesaving skills to tens of thousands of individuals;
  • Provide transportation for the critically ill and elderly and;
  • Offer support to U.S. service members and their families in Colorado.
  • And provide lifesaving information to immigrant and migrant communities, promote international Humanitarian Law and reconnect families separated by war or disaster.

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