Froozer Joins Dig In Rewards

We would like to introduce you to Froozer. They source fruit and veggies at the peak of their ripeness, flash freeze them and create delicious frozen fruit bars. These are GMO Free, All Natural, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Kosher. Plus they taste amazing.

Froozer® products represent the pure goodness of freshly harvested fruits & veggies picked at the peak of their ripeness, flash-frozen whole and blended for optimal taste, nutrition and digestion. Natural fruits and veggies in all their glory, nothing added or subtracted, not even a drop of water.
Froozer® is proud to be voted ‘Best Product’ at the Lifewise Oregon Berry Festival, the festival “made for berry lovers”.

At Froozer®, they set out to create a whole new way of delivering healthy nutrition that is good for you and tastes great, while being mindful of the environment by reducing food waste. They do this through their commitment to science, and the ongoing development of technology that supports better utilization of produce, preserves optimal food quality and drives healthy eating.

Froozer® is proud to be voted ‘Best Product’ at the Lifewise Oregon Berry Festival, the festival “made for berry lovers”.

How close to nature are the products you eat?

You can’t get much closer than Froozer. They flash freeze fully ripened whole fruits (& veggies) so they retain nutrients and blend it into delicious combos.

Get Cash back from Froozer while donating to a cause of your choice.

Froozer and Dig In Rewards

Grab a Froozer today for a healthy snack for the kids or the perfect boost for your athlete. And they are offering 3% cash back for members of Dig In Rewards and 3% donation to your cause on every purchase!

Sign up for Dig In Rewards and send us your receipt.

Visit Froozer’s website to purchase online or find locations that carry them.

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