Getting new customers and keeping the ones you have


As an owner of several small businesses, I frequently find that my biggest challenge is putting our services in front of new customers.  Finding these new customers without breaking the bank in advertising has been challenging at best.  We have also found that spending money on advertising has presented its own frustrations (cost, results, branding, time investment, messaging and more).

In a 2015 survey from TeraData of 1,500 global marketers, 38% of marketers say their biggest 2015 challenge was improving customer acquisition and retention.

And, from what I have heard (from other peers who own their business) this number is likely much higher.

All of this is what led us to find a Rewards Incentive program for our customers.  When we were again faced with frustrations about cost, results, branding and messaging, we put our heads together and came up with our own program.  The idea was to create a network of consumers ready to buy.  We would reward them with cash (as a result of their purchase) and support their closest cause (such as a school PTA, soccer team, church, etc.).

This was a challenge most small businesses probably wouldn’t take on.  It took us 2 years to research, field test, develop, and implement different versions of the program.

We decided we wanted it open to the entire community – providing a vehicle for other businesses (even our competitors), non-profits, and consumers.  We wanted the program to be cost effective while still having the ability to finance it and make a profit.

When we sought a platform to take care of the needs of the program, we couldn’t find one.  We could have paid someone to create it for us, but that wasn’t an option either.  So, I learned how to build our own software to sustain it.  It took 6 months to learn how to code and build the software.  After the program was built, we had a rewards program called Dig In Rewards.

Dig In Rewards provides cash back to customers while automatically donating to a cause or non-profit of their choice.  Any business can sign up for no up front cost.  Any consumer/customer can sign up for no cost.   Any cause/non-profit can sign up, again for no cost.

We have created a program which will drive consumers to local businesses while supporting their community.  And, it’s available now at  Check it out – give me your feedback.  We want this to be great!  And, we want consumers, businesses and causes to participate!

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Denver Media Center
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