Chocolate is an obsession of mine

I love chocolate!  Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m a Chocolaholic.  When I heard that the Chocolate Therapist was going to be part of the Dig In Rewards program, I got seriously excited!  In fact, within days of them joining our rewards program (at, I was trying to figure out when I was going to get into the store to buy some.


I live in Fort Collins (about 80 miles from the store), so just driving there wasn’t an immediate option.

Then, I had an idea!  Order online!

I took a trip to and quickly found a gift set.  I put two in my cart (just because).

Having ordered from Amazon and other online shopping services before, I wasn’t sure if my “stuff” was going to arrive before the weekend.  To my surprise, it arrived the VERY NEXT DAY.  I don’t remember paying for expedited shipping, but the post office delivered the “package” in a priority mail box the day after I ordered it.  What a nice surprise!

I opened it up – barely able to compose myself.  I was desperate for the home made dark chocolate toffee.  Again, to my surprise – there was a nice handwritten card saying “thank you.”  It was placed right on top of a cold pack and my loot!  I will have to say, this was (hands down) the easiest and nicest online ordering experience I have had.  Amazon won’t give you this kind of service!

Best yet, I was able to get my “chocolate fix” the very next day.  And I didn’t have have to leave my house.

Order online, it’s fast and easy –  Be sure to mention Dig In Rewards in the order description, and upload a screen shot of your receipt to your membership account.  Dig In Rewards members get 3% cash back with a 3% donation to a cause of their choice.

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