Froozer is my new friend.

I have 2 children (ages 3 and 7).  They are both boys, and they are ACTIVE.  Just like daddy – they LOVE ice cream.  So, I like to hold these things over their heads (to encourage good behavior).  When Froozer signed up for the Dig In Rewards Program, I saw an opportunity.  Non-GMO fruit bars.  All organic, and apparently very yummy.

I had never had one.

My first attempt was a trip to Whole Foods in Fort Collins at 9:30 at night.  Unsuccessful.  They aren’t carried at the Fort Collins Store.  I ended up with a Chocolate Cake (which was certainly a good alternative at the time).

My second attempt was successful!  I found them at the Whole Foods in Southwest Denver.  I was without lunch, so I figured I would buy a sandwich and 2 boxes of Froozers (since 1 wouldn’t be enough for 2 starving children and a daddy).  I was pleasantly surprised to see the price at about $5 per box, I felt that was quite reasonable.

When I got in the car, I couldn’t contain myself.  I ate one during the drive.  It was easy to open, and very yummy.  I had to resist to open another one.

When our 7 year old got home.  I had to share.  He LOVED it.  Then follows the 3 year old.  Again.  Major hit.

I have now resorted to bribes.

“Eat your dinner and I’ll give you a Froozer.”

“Stop hitting your brother or I won’t give you a Froozer.”

“After you clean up your toys I’ll give you a Froozer.”

Froozer Bars at

I do have to say, I will be back for more Froozer Bars.  I am disappointed that I can’t get them at the Fort Collins Whole Foods.  But, I’m in Denver enough.  I’ll just make a stop every once in awhile.  I suppose, I could order them on Amazon too.  Perhaps one day!  I did find the Froozer store at

BTW, Froozer gives 3% cash back to members in the Dig In Rewards Program and Froozer donates 3% to a cause of your choice.  That’s a 6% coupon on every single box!  Sign up for an account (or login to your dashboard) at and upload your receipt or transaction details.

More information about Froozer –


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