February 8, 2016


Welcome to the Merchant's area.  We are so glad to have your business as a member in our network!

Follow a simple 3 step process to complete your sign up.

  1. Fill out and sign the merchant agreement.
  2. Submit a business listing.
  3. Load your merchant account.

Sign Merchant Agreement

The Merchant agreement spells out all of the fees, terms and "legal stuff" related to the program. If you have Adobe Acrobat - right click the button, select "Download Linked File," Open it from your saved location, fill it out, save it, and return it to us. If you are "old school" click on the button and print the form on your printer. Fill it out by hand, scan it, and email it back to us. Please return this form to :

Create your Business Listing

The Business listing is what our users read to make their decision about where to visit. Be as complete as possible when filling out the form.

Load your Merchant Account

Load your account by specifying any amount below. If you already have a balance, this amount will be added to your existing balance. We recommend a minimum funding of $100 (however any amount may be entered). Currently, our only payment processor is Paypal. You will be directed to PayPal's payment page, where you will enter your PayPal id and PayPal password.
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