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February 8, 2016 Rewards can't be any easier to claim.  We have separated the process into an easy to run app - which doesn't need to be downloaded.  Just sign in and follow the instructions.  In a few easy steps you will be on your way to supporting your favorite local cause while claiming cash for your own pocket.

First Time Users

You must sign up separately for the transaction app.  DON'T WORRY, we are only going to ask you for a few things again and then we'll take you straight to the transaction entry screen.

If you already have an account in our transaction app and you wish to claim your reward... click on the "Claim Your Rewards Button."

Returning Users

Simply click on the button below and "bookmark" it in your browser (on your phone, tablet, or computer).  Come back often!  The more you claim, the more you and your local cause will benefit.

Business and Cause Directory

Our business and cause directory has every listing of each member in our network. Search for information about our partners and enter them into your transaction. That's it! You're on your way to cash rewards and donations to your favorite cause.

Search for partner businesses and Causes.

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