The Chocolotate Therapist_Chocolate Soiree

Throw Your Own Chocolate Soiree

Do you love chocolate and a good party? Then The Chocolate Therapist has you covered. The Chocolate Soiree by Julie Pech is a how to guide on throwing the tastiest party ever. When you buy this book or any other products from The Chocolate Therapist you get 3% Cash Back and a 3% Donation to[…]

The Chocolotate Therapist_Dare to Pair

Dare to Pair by Julie Pech

Learn how to pair chocolate with your favorite things in life and show how much smarter you are than your friends. When you buy Julie’s book Dare to Pair and any other of her amazing products you will receive 3% Cash Back and a 3% Donation to your favorite Cause.

The Chocolotate Therapist_Sea Salt Caramels

Sea Salt Caramels…A Chocolate Therapist Original

Get your hands and mouth on the most popular product from The Chocolate Therapist. These Sea Salt Caramels are an original recipe and have delighted chocolate fans for years. Plus get 3% Cash Back and a 3% Donation to your Cause on every purchase!

The Chocolotate Therapist_Book

The Chocolate Book That Started It All

As a nutritionist Julie Pech knew a lot about healthy eating and when she learned about the amazing health benefits of chocolate she had to share it with the world. Get the book that started it all and learn how you can use chocolate to relieve some common ailments. Plus get 3% Cash Back and[…]

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Unique Products @ The Chocolate Therapist

Check out some of the great products other than chocolate that Julie offers at The Chocolate Therapist. As a Rewards member on every purchase get 3% Cash Back and a 3% Donation to your favorite Cause.

The Chocolotate Therapist_The Last Damn Diet

Stop Dieting and Start Living

Julie Pech is a fit and healthy nutritionist who owns a chocolate businesses. It seems like a contradiction until you unlock her secrets in her new book The Last Damn Diet. She takes you step by step through her secret to eating what you love while staying healthy. When you buy this book or any[…]

The Chocolotate Therapist_Wine Pairing

The Best Wine Party Includes Chocolate

Wine and Chocolate go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. And with The Chocolate Therapists help you can take Wine Pairing to a whole new level. When you purchase any products from The Chocolate Therapist you will get 3% Cash Back and a 3% Donation to your Cause.

The Chocolotate Therapist_Beer Pairing

Chocolate and Beer…How Can You Go Wrong!

With all of the amazing beer options out there enhance your experience with chocolate from The Chocolate Therapist. They have easy to follow pairing guides and chocolate sets to share with your friends…or not! Plus as a member get 3% Cash Back and 3% Donation to your favorite Cause on every purchase.

The Chocolotate Therapist_Ingredients

Chocolate with Clean Ingredients

Most people don’t know that you can eat chocolate and stay healthy. But you need to eat the right kind of chocolate. Mass market chocolate usually has some very unhealthy ingredients in their chocolate. That’s why The Chocolate Therapist is committed to a clean ingredient profile. Eat chocolate and stay healthy! Become a Dig In[…]


The Perfect Mothers Day Gift

Don’t fret over Mothers Day when you have The Chocolate Therapist! Give your mother the gift of all natural premium chocolate and you won’t regret it. Order or stop by their Littleton location. As a Dig In Rewards member you get 3% cash back on every purchase and 3% donation to your favorite cause.